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This is a very unique piece of art with a full 3-D look. This piece is made from bronze wire that is a little more expensive than the standard color of wire that is used in the other sculptures.

The tree pictured is approximately 10 " (25cm) tall, has about 180 limbs, and roots that are approximately 30" (76cm) for a full length of approximately 40 (102cm)". The 24" (61cm) tree has a 6" (15cm) tree and about 18" (46cm) of roots. The 32" (81cm) tree has a tree size of about 8" 20cm) with about 24" (61cm) in roots.

I have made these trees up to 8 ft in total height. Please send an email requesting quote on delivery time, cost, and freight charges.

Add this piece to your home, office, or restaurant for a stunning display of wire tree art on your wall.

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